Bringing Elegant Unique Kitchenware at an affordable price throughout the world

About Us

Kitch Elegance   

Is an Amsterdam-based kitchenware label, established in late 2015.

The Founders
realized that there wasn’t any premium high quality kitchenware out there for a reasonable price. It is either buy at a low price for a low quality product or buy a high quality product but with a steep price. Recognizing this as both a challenge and opportunity, we made it our quest in providing the best quality products, against the best affordable prices. Creating a perfect mix of products where quality and life proving opportunities are the number one topic.

At the beginning of the summer, the first kitchenware collection was born. Starting with the basics and goal in mind led to a business philosophy of going above and beyond, to give each and every customer an amazing shopping experience.

Our mission: “Bringing Elegant Unique Kitchenware at an affordable price throughout the world”
Always ensuring the highest quality and original designs, we maintain affordable prices.

Launching 24 Unique products per season can be challenging. However, the KitchElegance Family, part of Kavajo International B.V. it up for the Challenge. Staying true to our Amsterdam roots, we also love to travel the world and get inspired by the great innovative ideas and people all over the world. As we bring our passion and inspiration to more and more places, KitchElegance is becoming a global brand.